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Knitting factory in 2006 by establishing a new fabric covered area of ??16500 M2, raschel warp knitting and circular knitting machines and has the capacity to produce the most delicate fabrics expanding with each passing day new technology machine park trails, including the German and Italian machines are machines TEXTILE NURHAS knitted fabric processing facility, starting from cotton, polyester micro manufactures flat and striped fabrics. NURHAS TEXTILE, offers an assortment of pretty big in the production of synthetic fabrics. 


Nurhas textile, knitted fabric manufacture and design all kinds of raw and dyed fabric store üzrere as always maintains stocks. Polyester cotton yarn at the beginning of their two, three yarns, lacoste, combed cotton jersey with and without lycra micro polyester interlock, jersey micro, antipiling fleece, etc.. .


Nurhas Textile; Raschel warp knitted fabric manufacture tracksuits, Alkantra, file types, curtains, flags, etc.. fabrics In stock produces.




Nurhas Textile continues its activities after 1992 sales of textile fabrics , and raschel knitted fabrics of all kinds at the center Hadımköy ulaşmıştır.Şu günlük30 tons production, the company, Merter and Zeytinburnu sales branches continues to serve you. COMPANY VISION Customers in the most efficient, highest quality, most affordable, most short-term service delivery. Not to compromise on quality. Customer-focused work. Investments made and will keep in the forefront of people's health. The service quality and service will make a difference with it on. Being a leader in its field in its own region and. Company Mission Quality and customer satisfaction by creating differences and advantages to ensure permanence.


Head Office : Akçaburgaz Town. Alkop Ave. 1590 St. No:3 Nurhas Plaza Esenyurt / İstanbul
Phone : +9 (0212) 444 67 47 - Fax :+9 (0212) 858 20 85
Branch Office :Zeytinburnu - Phone : +9 (0212) 665 02 44 - Fax : +9 (0212) 665 80 16
E-Mail :